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Grandma's Hands is a Canadian company that creates handmade products for children and adults who are type 1 diabetic and/or have an a stoma or biliary drain or carry a epinephrine auto injector.  Each item is handcrafted with care, made of quality material, attractive and is machine washable.  


Grandma's hand sewn products:


-      Insulin Pump Pouches

-      Stretchy Insulin Pump Packs


-      Ostomy Bag Covers


-      Urostomy Bag Covers


-      Drainage Bag Covers

-      Biliary Drainage Bag Covers

-      Catheter Bag Covers 

-      Velcro Fastened Insulin Pump Pouch Belts

-      Buckled Insulin Pump Pouch Belts


-      Epi-pen® Carrying Pouches

-      Urostomy Bag Shower Protector

-      Allerject ™ Carrying Pouches

-      Auvi-Q ™ Carrying Pouches

-      Diabetic Accessory Carrying Cases

-      Ostomy Bag Shower Protector

Can't find what you are looking for?  Do you need a custom or altered item?  If so,  Grandma's Hands can adjust any item or create a custom item to fit your needs.  To contact Grandma's Hands, please click here.

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Grandma's Hands accepts Paypal, Cheques and/or Money Orders
**All Prices in Canadian Dollars and Subject to Change** 
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