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Welcome to Grandma's Hands


Grandma's Hands is a Canadian company that creates Insulin Pump Pouches, Ostomy, Urostomy and Catheter Drainage Bag Covers and Accessories.  Grandma sews these items for children and adults who have Type 1 Diabetes and use an Insulin Pump and anyone that uses a Ostomy, Urostomy, Biliary or Catheter Drainage Bag(s).  Grandma’s Hands also sew Epi-pen ®, Alerject™ and Auvi-Q™ Carrying Pouches for anyone that must carry an auto injector medical device due to severe allergies.  Grandma can custom design and sew any of her products to fit the wearer’s needs.  This includes fabric and the dimensions of the product.   


Grandma's hand sewn products:


-      Insulin Pump Pouches

-      Stretchy Insulin Pump Packs


-      Ostomy Bag Covers


-      Urostomy Bag Covers


-      Drainage Bag Covers

-      Biliary Drainage Bag Covers

-      Catheter Bag Covers 

-      Velcro Fastened Insulin Pump Pouch Belts

-      Buckled Insulin Pump Pouch Belts


-      Epi-pen® Carrying Pouches

-      Urostomy Bag Shower Protector

-      Allerject ™ Carrying Pouches

-      Auvi-Q ™ Carrying Pouches

-      Diabetic Accessory Carrying Cases

-      Ostomy Bag Shower Protector

Can't find what you are looking for?  Do you need a custom or altered item?  If so,  Grandma's Hands can adjust any item or create a custom item to fit your needs.  To contact Grandma's Hands, please click here.

Happy Girls
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