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Auto Injector Items


Grandma’s Hands Epi-Pen®, Allerject™ and Auvi-Q™ pouches can hold up to two or more EpiPen, Twinject®, Adrenaclick®, Anapen®, Jext®, Allerject™, or Auvi-Q™ auto injectors.  These pouches allow the device(s) to be carried by the user at all times while participating in indoor or outdoors activities.  These padded pouches are securely closed by a velcro strip.  The come with an attached adjustable belt with buckle and can be made to fit any waist size.   If you have any questions, please click here.

Please click the item name below to see Grandma's Hands products: 

- Epi-Pen® Carrying Pouches

- Allerject™ & Auvi-Q™ Carrying Pouches

Multi-Coloured- Spots - EpiPen® Pouch
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