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Ostomy Items

Grandma’s Hand's has over 160 different Ostomy Bag Covers for children and adults.  Our covers are handmade with satin, cotton or a stretchy material.  They come in several different styles like peek-a-boo, stretchy or our regular style.  The can be used with one and two piece bag systems.  Each cover has an opening for bag flange or ring, and most importantly is machine washable.  If you want a cover made of a specific or with your own material, please contact us.  

Please click the item name below to see Grandma's Hands products: 

- Adult Cotton Ostomy Bag Covers    


- Adult Satin Ostomy Bag Covers   


Adult Stretchy Ostomy Bag Covers


- Adult Peek-a-Boo Ostomy Bag Covers


- Children's Ostomy Bag Covers

- Ostomy Bag Shower Protector

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